Therapeutic Homework Club Success

Usually when you say “homework,” most struggling 8th graders run.   My colleagues, Stacey Clark, Jay Reiter and I were shocked when we heard that 4 of our therapeutic homework club students went to their school administrators and asked if the program could continue until the end of the year.  Typically, our model is a short term program, but when struggling students... Read More


This unique services is designed to bring all stakeholders together.  By sharing information between school professionals, parents and clinicians the big picture (your child) is front and center.  By maintaining up-to-date data we can see how interventions have worked or can be adapted to the changing nature of development.  By putting all the stakeholders together we... Read More

Therapeutic Homework Club Starting Soon

I am excited to announce that the Center for Collaborative Change is restarting the Therapeutic Homework Club.  If your child is heavily frustrated with homework, shuts down or homework is a nightly struggle then this program is designed for your child. The therapeutic homework club is an intensive and time limited two-part program, which explores the emotional and academic barriers... Read More

Accepting New Psychotherapy Clients

Dear Friends and Colleagues. If you would like to refer a client or initiate services please call me at 603-686-5169.  Your time is valuable so to avoid unnecessary delays my office manager is available via phone or email (see below) and will walk you through the process.  To avoid lengthy “phone-tag”, Tiffany will set up a scheduled time to connect over the phone... Read More


More information…go to  The Delicious website is a social bookmarking site that I use to hold interesting articles and websites concerning mental health and education.  Feel free to suggest articles you have found interesting. Share this:ShareEmailPrint Read More

Great Parent Guide for Medications for ADHD

To start medication for ADHD or any other mental health concern is a difficult decision.  Good and reliable information always helps.   The link below leads to a parent guide jointly developed by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the American Psychiatric Association. AHDH Parent Guide Another source of reliable information about medication is the National... Read More

Humanity at Great Bay eCharter School

11/2010 Dear Friends and Colleagues, There are times you are just compelled to act.  This just such a story..  The setting is the Great Bay eCharter School which was founded 6 years ago and is home to 173 students and 10 staff.  This place is not an institution but both a home and a school where story after story demonstrates, respect and values human dignity.  Most of the... Read More

Keys to Collaboration

What I am proposing is not rocket science. In fact it is based on common sense, leadership, and trust in the actual collaborative elements and each participant’s desire, motivation and goodwill to do what is in the best interest of the child. The uniqueness of this is in the process and the effectiveness of the process, that is, the ability to get everyone on the same page... Read More

Parent/Teacher/Provider Relationships

By seeking, fostering and guiding positive relationships with the education community, other health professionals, parents and children in the collaborative process, a positive, doable system will results in more effective change, more harmony among the involved participants and therefore more effectiveness for children in need. Provide a collaborative and preventative connection... Read More

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