The Center for Collaborative Change’s coaching services has been updated and expanded.

I am tremendously excited to announce a dynamic professional will be joining the center and bringing an expanded coaching service.

Kimberly Clark, M.Ed. has joined the team, partnering with me to provide an additional suite of services.  This fall saw the launch of our first partnership, a new Academic Coaching service.  Although her resume is too long to list here, she currently is an Adjunct Professor at UNH, a successful business owner and has worked in several high schools as a school counselor.  Our holistic academic coaching model is already helping students address their emotional and academic barriers, allowing them to move toward success and achievement.

The Confluence of Coaching and Counseling: by joining forces, coaching and counseling, clients will now have the best of both worlds available to them.  Clients will be able to actively participate in designing their individualized approach to change.

  • Coaching can help generalize topics addressed in counseling, into daily struggles.
  • Frequent progress reviews allow for adapting the process for current needs.
  • Both are goal oriented in focus and can equally support shared goals.
  • Both complement the other when there is a solid and comprehensive understanding of the barriers.
  • With very clear roles and frequent collaboration, a holistic solution can be reached.
  • The safety of the counseling office is enhanced by meeting a client more frequently, in their world at their pace.

Clients will benefit from:

  • Have access to a counseling, coaching team.
  • Choose a service that fits your needs.
  • A Holistic approach—we look at the entire story and help you figure out next steps.
  • Needs and goals tailored to your life.

 Call or write us for more details. 


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