Bully Prevention

First developed at Berwick Academy Lower School.  This two stage program works to redirect the culture of a school to support and empower the bystander.

Stage one – Caring Kids – a class wide discussion format based on types of bullying/teasing, empathy, and the power of small groups.

Stage two – Student Ambassadors program – Building on stage one students are able to develop leadership skills and the school culture celebrates standing up for those that are being teased.


  • Build peer-to-peer support to reduce the opportunities of bullying.
  • Establish a safe place for students to resolve mild conflicts.
  • Support a positive cultural shift toward standing up for one another.
  • Reward and celebrate positive community building behaviors.
  • Promote Leadership Opportunities
  • Promote Positive Peer Role Models
  • Teach Conflict Resolution Skills

Out of the mouth of babes (Homework submission)

“Why is it cool to care?”  

  •  It is important to stand up for friends because that’s what friends are for.
  • It’s cool because if someone’s sad, you can ask them, “What’s wrong?”
  • It is cool to care about your school, environment, friends, people who care, house, pets, teacher, and family.
  • It’s cool to care because if you care it makes a lot of things better.
  • It is cool to care so that we stay safe.
  • Caring can show cooperation.
  • It is cool to care so that you get respect.
  • So people will care back.
  • It is cool to be kind to people.
  • You are being very honest to that person.
  • If you do not care you won’t feel good.

\”Stop bullying Now\” webisodes from the US Department of Health and Human Services

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