Social Coaching

Utilizing Trained Paraprofessionals to enhanced generalization of Social Skills  


  • Assessment of needs and skill deficits through observation and interviews. —
  • Small Group/One-on-One meetings with Coach and guidance/therapist. —
  • Develop priorities of skills introduction. —
  • Schedule pre/post unstructured time meetings. —
  • Develop social plays and play calling. —
  • Encourage accept and review failures as learning opportunities.


  • Minimize the effects of poor social interactions on academic success and self-esteem. —
  • Generalize social skills instruction to unstructured times. —
  • Utilize coaching techniques to scaffold skills training. —
  • Train Paraprofessionals/one-to-one aids in the consequences and complexities of social integrations. —
  • Utilize Paraprofessionals to assist in the generalization of social skills in unstructured times.
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