This unique services is designed to bring all stakeholders together.  By sharing information between school professionals, parents and clinicians the big picture (your child) is front and center.  By maintaining up-to-date data we can see how interventions have worked or can be adapted to the changing nature of development.  By putting all the stakeholders together we replace uninformed assumptions, out of date and miss information.  This is not a replacement for a good psychological evaluation or well formulated teaching strategies but an addendum that provides longitudinal information on a child.  The process values all stakeholders and their professional/personal understanding of a learner and highlights effective (realistic) progress.


  1. Gather Data – Such as: all available evaluations, historical reading and math scores, update relevant questionnaires, identify behavioral triggers, identify strengths and challenges, medical history, identify all providers, list all current and previous diagnosis, establish baseline mental health status.
  2. Summarize Data – summary developed with minimal speciality jargon (psycho babble) so that all stakeholders feel welcome at the table.
  3. Summary reviewed with Parent – appropriate releases signed prior to circulation.
  4. Outreach – Previous to any meeting a call to the school is made to assure the collaborative intent of the document and meeting is clear and that comprehenisve and respectful collaboration is the goal.
  5. Meeting – Document is review and request for additions from teacher/special educator/speciality clinicians are honored.
  6. Revisions and circulation of final document – Additions from meeting are updated and final document is circulated (with parent permission) to all approved stakeholders.
  7. Follow up meeting scheduled if nessisary – prior to follow up meeting previous baseline mental health data and questionnaires are updated.
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