Psychotherapy or counseling is not easily described in general terms.  It is often undertaken when a person is having trouble with unpleasant symptoms or experiences, trying to make important decisions, having difficult with a major life function and/or is looking to improve their relationships or life in general.  It is a collaborative process in which both the therapist and the client agree to work toward established goals.  It often leads to a significant reduction in feelings of distress, to better relationships, and the resolution of specific issues.

In the course of psychotherapy, I often collaborate with schools, other providers and the family to establish the most beneficial and effective change.  This may be in the form of phone calls, meeting, written recommendations, behavior plan development and refinements.  It is my experience that this collaboration gives both the school and the family a global view of the difficulties and serves to accelerate treatment, reduces misdirection and alleviates educational frustration.

Please see my “Outpatient Service Agreement” on the Form/Questionnaires page for more details.

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