Holistic Support

Below you will find topic specific mental health and educational strategies that you may find helpful.  In the spirit of collaborative dialog, I have created this space to capture effective strategies and products that have been helpful in the field.  Please feel free to comment or add to the enclosed content.  If you would like to submit a strategy for review, simply email me or comment in the space provided below.  The sharing of effective approaches can only help children and adolescents reach their true potential.  All submissions will be identified with the name of the person submitting and please accredited to the appropriate source.

  • Flax Seed Oil – WebMD article.
  • Hillyard Family Protein Shake Recipe: Half blender full of frozen strawberries, one banana, cranberry juice (almost covering strawberries, half cup of pomegranate juice, 3 table spoons of flax-seed oil, two large scoops of vanilla protein powder.  Top off with whip cream, yes whip cream.  The brief sugar high is worth getting all that good stuff into your little learner or student athlete.
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  1. Heather Warr says:

    Yoga for children and adults is a wonderful way to become aware of the body and mind. Using the breath, we learn to regulate ourselves by breathing exercises to calm or uplift. Practicing the yoga asanas (postures) can be a fun and playful experience. The benefits of yoga are too numerous to name here but they include: promoting a sense of well being, improving motor planning skills, fostering relationships in a non-competitive way, and balancing the waves of emotion.

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