This unique services is designed to bring all stakeholders together.  By sharing information between school professionals, parents and clinicians the big picture (your child) is front and center.  By maintaining up-to-date data we can see how interventions have worked or can be adapted to the changing nature of development.  By putting all the stakeholders together we replace uninformed assumptions, out of date and miss information.  This... Read More

“No one holds the whole picture.”

The Center for Collaborative Change was developed to meet very specific needs: eliminating the barriers to educational and emotional independence.  There are many missed opportunities when it comes to the education and treatment of children with emotional, educational, attentional and behavioral difficulties. These children can be better served by a carefully constructed collaboration between their parents, educators and therapists. Share this:ShareEmailPrint Read More

Parent/Teacher/Provider Relationships

By seeking, fostering and guiding positive relationships with the education community, other health professionals, parents and children in the collaborative process, a positive, doable system will results in more effective change, more harmony among the involved participants and therefore more effectiveness for children in need. Provide a collaborative and preventative connection between the mental health, medical, home and educational environments... Read More

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