Humanity at Great Bay eCharter School

11/2010 Dear Friends and Colleagues, There are times you are just compelled to act.  This just such a story..  The setting is the Great Bay eCharter School which was founded 6 years ago and is home to 173 students and 10 staff.  This place is not an institution but both a home and a school where story after story demonstrates, respect and values human dignity.  Most of the students there call the Great Bay eCharter School (GBeCS) their last... Read More

Keys to Collaboration

What I am proposing is not rocket science. In fact it is based on common sense, leadership, and trust in the actual collaborative elements and each participant’s desire, motivation and goodwill to do what is in the best interest of the child. The uniqueness of this is in the process and the effectiveness of the process, that is, the ability to get everyone on the same page in a more advanced way than is commonly the case. Often there are only... Read More

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